Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Theme Resources

Recently I have been working on a windows phone 7 application.  In a few of the project template XAML files I noticed references to some StaticResource styles and brushes.  I couldn’t find a nice way in Visual Studio or Expression Blend to see a list of these resources, so I set out to find one on the web.  After a brief search I found the Theme Resources for Windows Phone page on MSDN.  The page lists all of the available resources included in the wp7 theme, but doesn’t show you want the look like.  I decided to make an app which would show the the theme resources to make choosing the correct resource easier.

Please welcome Theme Resource Preview for windows phone 7!

imageA view of the font name resources

The application contains pretty much all of the resources except for the colour resources.  The reason I left the colours out of it is that they seemed to be the same as the brush so figuring out what colour to use shouldn’t be very difficult.

Some more shots of the application in action

I have posted the source code for the application to my bit bucket account so for anyone who is interested you can grab a copy of the source here: https://bitbucket.org/caleb_vear/wp7themeresourcepreview

Or for your convenience you can use one of the following hg commands to clone (one is https and the other ssh):

hg clone https://caleb_vear@bitbucket.org/caleb_vear/wp7themeresourcepreview
hg clone ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/caleb_vear/wp7themeresourcepreview
The only requirement for the application is that you will need a copy of Visual Studio 2010 and the Windows Phone development tools.  The express version of Visual Studio should to just fine, although I used ultimate.

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